Newsletter Is Now Blog

First of all, welcome to the new Telodendria website! This website is powered by Grav, a simple, yet elegant CMS that is a much-needed upgrade from the previous hand-crafted HTML page that was being served as Telodendria's home page. I'm pleased to give Telodendria a much more professional online look, and I'm hoping that this website will be a good introduction to Telodendria for new users.

This blog will serve as the primary way I report on all things Telodendria, including new releases, large upcoming changes, and Matrix research. Up to this point, I've been using the Matrix room to post newsletter entries, but I think having a proper blog will be a much better solution, because then even people that don't have Matrix accounts or just don't want to join yet another room can still follow along and keep up with the progress. It'll also allow me to reach people that maybe might create a new Matrix account because of Telodendria, who knows!

Effective today, I will no longer post any new newsletters to the Matrix room. Instead, anything I would put there will be a blog post instead. If you want notifications, take advantage of the syndicate options. This website supports Atom, RSS, and JSON feeds.

This first post is just to notify of these changes. Keep an eye out for new posts!

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