Hey everyone. Not a lot has been happening with Telodendria over the last few months, thanks to my schedule and some unforeseen circumstances that have come up, but I do have a few pieces of exciting news to share:

  • Cytoplasm v0.4.0: Cytoplasm now lives in its own git repository, which is available on our Gitea instance. I just published the first stable release of it. From now on, it will be developed along side but relatively independent of Telodendria, so expect the version numbers to get a little out of sync with Telodendria. Note that this does mean that Cytoplasm and Telodendria have to be built separately now, which does slightly increase the complexity of building Telodendria.
  • Make: I replaced all of the custom build scripts with a configure script in both Telodendria and Cytoplasm that generates a standard POSIX Makefile. This makes building a bit more familiar to people that know C, and is in general just a better practice than rolling your own scripts. This milestone is a part of the Gitea Migration, which is well under way.

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