TELODENDRIA(8) System Manager's Manual TELODENDRIA(8)

telodendriaDaemon command line manual for Telodendria administrators.

telodendria [-nVv] [-f file]

telodendria is a Matrix homeserver written entirely from scratch in ANSI C. It is designed to be lightweight and simple, yet functional.

The options are as follows:

Specify an alternate configuration file. The default is /etc/telodendria.conf.
Configtest mode. Only check the configuration file for validity.
Only print the version information header.
Verbose mode. This overrides the configuration file and sets the log level to

telodendria does not read any environment variables. All configuration should be done via the configuration file.

Just the configuration file and the data directory; see telodendria.conf(5) for more details.

telodendria exits with a non-0 exit code if the configuration file is invalid, or one or more required paths is inaccessible. telodendria will print an error to the log and then terminate abnormally.

telodendria exits with a code of 0 if the configuration file is valid, all paths and files required are accessible, and the HTTP listener starts as intended. If telodendria is sent a signal that it catches after it begins servicing requests, it will still exit with a code of 0 after it safely shuts down, because the bootstrap process completed successfully, and by all accounts, it ran normally and exitted normally.

telodendria(7), telodendria.conf(5)

February 15, 2023 Telodendria Project