SEND-PATCH(8) System Manager's Manual SEND-PATCH(8)

send-patchSubmit a patch file to the Telodendria Patches Matrix room

send-patch [patch]

send-patch is a simple shell script for submitting patch files to Telodendria's patch room for review. Do note that it depends on jq(1) and curl(1), and so may not work out of the box on some systems. However, these tools are readily available for most systems. Please consult your package manager's manual for installing packages.

send-patch takes a single argument, a patch file. It also reads a number of environment variables, as described in the following section. This script is designed to be simple; it only pushes files into a hard-coded Matrix room. Thus, as far as Matrix clients go, this one is a rather minimal one, and that is by design.

This script exists so that users who are working on a machine that doesn't have a Matrix client installed can still submit work to the Telodendria project. The goal is to make development as accessible as possible.

This script only supports password login, so if your homeserver does not support password login, it will not work.

send-patch utilizes the following environment variables:

Your Matrix ID in the standard format. This is used to connect to your homeserver to send the message.
Your Matrix account's password. If not set, you will be prompted for your password by the script, unless ACCESS_TOKEN is set.
If you already have an access token for your account, such as one from an existing session, then you can set this environment variable to bypass the password authentication flow.

send-patch does utilize the .env file, just like td(8). Consult that page for the specifics of the .env file.


November 27, 2022 Telodendria Project