TELODENDRIA(7) Miscellaneous Information Manual TELODENDRIA(7)

TelodendriaStart here. This page contains the project introduction, and provides information about it, such as its status, how to contact the developers, and what the source code license is.

Telodendria is an open source Matrix homeserver written entirely from scratch in ANSI C and designed to be lightweight and simple, yet functional.

Telodendria differentiates itself from the other Matrix homeserver implementations because it:

Telodendria is on Matrix! Check out the official Matrix rooms: The public "space" room. Get notified of new releases. General discussion and support. Periodic status updates. Report bugs and issues. Submit code patches to the project. Discussion about porting and packaging.

Telodendria is designed to be fairly straightforward, but that doesn't mean there won't be hiccups along the way. If you're struggling to get Telodendria up and running, you're more than welcome to reach out for support. Just hop into the appropriate Matrix rooms and talk to me!

I want a lightweight Matrix homeserver designed specifically for OpenBSD, and other Unix-like operating systems. I want a homeserver that can be developed and compiled with built-in tools. I want it to function entirely on a base OS install without having to install any packages whatsoever. I've found that as far as these goals are concerned, the existing homeserver implementations fall short. This project aims to prove that Matrix homeservers can be lightweight and written in such a way that very few, if any, third-party libraries need to be pulled in.

I also want to learn how Matrix works, and I want to understand the code I'm running on my server, which is why I'm writing every component from scratch, even the HTTP server and router.

The advantage of using a flat-file database instead of a real database is that your data remains in a format that is incredibly easy to digest. Backups are incredibly easy as well—just tar(1) up the data directory and you're good to go.

The goals of this project are generally divided into user goals and developer goals, depending on who they impact the most. This isn't an exaustive list of the project's goals, but it is a list of things that I want to prioritize, because other server implementations lack them.

The user goals are as follows:

The developer goals are as follows:

telodendria(8), telodendria.conf(5), td(8)

The installed version of Telodendria conforms to the latest Matrix specification available at the time of its release.

Telodendria was started in early July of 2022. For a change log of this project, see telodendria-changelog(7).

Telodendria was started by and is almost exclusively developed by Jordan Bancino <>. Contributions to the code, website, documentation, or other components of this project have been made by various open source developers.

All of the code and documentation for Telodendria is licensed under a modified MIT license. Please consult the LICENSE.txt file for the actual license text. The Telodendria license text differs from the MIT license in the following ways:

The Telodendria logo in all forms, including the ASCII representation, belongs solely to the Telodendria project. It must only be used to represent the official Telodendria project, and may only appear in official Telodendria media. If Telodendria is forked, the logo must be removed completely from the project, and optionally replaced with a different one. The logo may not be modified in any way or for any purpose.

February 15, 2023 Telodendria Project