TELODENDRIA-SETUP(7) Miscellaneous Information Manual TELODENDRIA-SETUP(7)

telodendria-setupFirst-time setup instructions for Telodendria.

While Telodendria strives to be extremely simple to deploy, in most circumstances a few basic setup steps will be necessary. Telodendria does not have a traditional configuration file like most daemons. Instead, its configuration lives in its database; as such, all configuration happens through the administrator API. This design decision makes Telodendria extremely flexible, because it is possible to re-configure Telodendria without having to manually edit files on the filesystem. It is also why the setup instructions provided here are in the order they are. Please follow them carefully for the best results.

This page assumes that you have installed Telodendria in the way prescribed by your operating system. Immediately following installation, perform these steps, in this order:

  1. Start Telodendria. Consult your operating system's documentation. If you are running Telodendria directly from the source code directory, use td(8).
  2. Assuming Telodendria started properly, it will spin up and initialize its database directory with a simple—and importantly, safe—default configuration, and a randomly-generated, single-use registration token that grants a user all privileges documented in telodendria-admin(7.) Consult the log file for this administrator registration token. The log file is located in the data directory, and is named telodendria.log.
  3. Use the registration token to register the administrator account. You can do this using the client of your choice, or using tools such as curl(1) or http(1). The administrator account functions just like a normal local account, except that it has all privileges granted to it, so it can make full use of the administrator API.
  4. Using the access token for the administrator account, authenticate with the administrator API and configure Telodendria as described in telodendria-config(7.) See telodendria-admin(7) for the configuration endpoint details.

This is the recommended way to set up Telodendria. However, if you wish to bypass the account creation step, and want to configure Telodendria by directly writing a configuration file instead of using the administrator API, you can manually create the configuration file in the database before starting Telodendria. Simply create config.json following the description in telodendria-config(7), then start Telodnedria.

While this alternative method may seem simpler and more convenient to some administrators, it is only so in the short-term. Note that this method is not supported, because it gives no access to the administrator API whatsoever, unless you manually modify the database to give a user admin privileges, which is error-prone and bypasses some of Telodendria's safety mechanisms.

telodendria-admin(7), telodendria-config(7)

April 20, 2023 Telodendria Project