Telodendria(3) Library Functions Manual Telodendria(3)

TelodendriaBranding and callback functions specific to Telodendria.

#include <Telodendria.h>

TelodendriaMemoryHook(MemoryAction, MemoryInfo *, void *);


This holds the Telodendria ASCII art logo. TELODENDRIA_LOGO_HEIGHT and TELODENDRIA_LOGO_WIDTH are the sizes of each dimension of the two-dimensional array. TELODENDRIA_LOGO_HEIGHT is the number of lines the logo contains, and TELODENDRIA_LOGO_WIDTH is the number of characters in each line.

the Telodendria logo belongs solely to the Telodendria project. If this code is modified and distributed as something other than a packaging of the official Telodendria source package, the logo must be replaced with a different one, or removed entirely. Consult the licensing section of telodendria(7) for details.

This holds the Telodendria ASCII art header. It follows the same conventions as the logo, but is not under any particular restrictions other than those spelled out in the license.

This API provides the callbacks used to hook Telodendria into the various other APIs. It exists primarily to be called by (), but these functions are not static so main() can be in a separate compilation unit.

This function follows the function prototype required by (). It is executed every time an allocation, re-allocation, or free occurs, and is responsible for logging memory operations to the log.

Print the logo and header, along with the copyright year and holder, and the version number, out to the global log.

Memory(3), Log(3)

March 12, 2023 Telodendria