Html(3) Library Functions Manual Html(3)

HtmlUtility functions for generating static HTML pages.

#include <Html.h>

HtmlBegin(Stream *, char *);

HtmlEnd(Stream *);

Html provides some simple macros and functions for generating HTML pages. These are very specific to Telodendria, as they automatically apply the color scheme and make assumptions about the stylesheets and scripts included.

The following macros are available:

Begin JavaScript output. This sets up the opening script tags, and licenses the following JavaScript under the MIT license.
End JavaScript output.
Begin CSS output. This sets up the opening syle tags.
End CSS output.
HtmlBeginForm(stream, id)
Begin a new form with the specified ID. This sets up the opening form tags, which includes placing the form in a div with class
End HTML form output.

Initialize an HTML page by writing the head and the beginning of the body. After this function is called, the page's main HTML can be written. This function takes the name of the page it is beginning. The name is placed in the title tags, and is used as the page header.

Finish an HTML page by writing any necessary closing tags.

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