TP(1) General Commands Manual TP(1)

tpManage the official patch queue.

[action] [patch]

This script is probably not going to be very useful for anyone other than the official project managers, but for completeness, this page documents it.

tp is a simple script that is used to manage the patch queue. It offers a simple way to fetch patches from the patch Matrix room and queue them in a patch directory, which is then updated as patches are handled. Contributions to Telodendria are entirely patch-based, so this script makes dealing with patch files much more convenient.

tp doesn't implement a complex command line interface. It simply takes an action as the first argument, and a patch file ID as the second argument to some actions. The actions are as follows:

Download all new patches from the patches room. This action is intended to be called periodically from cron(8) to fetch new patches.
List all the patches in the queue, printing the first three lines of each one so they can be easily identified.
View the specified patch. Note that the specified patch must be in the queue. Once it is applied or rejected, this script offers no facility for viewing it.
Apply the specified patch to the current working directory.
Reverse the specified patch on the current working directory.
Accept or reject the specified patch by moving it to the appropriate directory. These actions also prompt for a message, into which it is expected that an explanation for why the patch was accepted or rejected will be placed.

The following environment variables are read by the tp script:

The base directory inside which the patch directory relies.
The Matrix homeserver to contact for receiving patches.
The access token to use to authenticate with the Matrix homeserver.
April 29, 2023 Telodendria Project